Valley Vet Training – Electrocharge™


Support your horse’s post-event recovery with Fast-Acting Electrocharge™ Paste Horse Supplement. Available in a convenient and easy-to-administer paste form, each two-ounce syringe contains two doses. This supplement is formulated for rapid absorption in just two minutes. It quickly goes to work replacing the electrolytes that your horse has lost through sweat, encouraging your horse to drink and promoting a better, faster recovery. Because it replenishes electrolytes in the same proportion that they’ve been lost, there’s no worry about over-supplementing your horse. The syringe fits easily into any gear bag or grooming kit, and since there’s no need to top dress grain, you can give this supplement immediately after a workout.

Key Benefits

  • Rapid absorption formula goes to work in just 2 minutes.
  • Helps to replenish electrolytes lost in sweat and heavy work
  • Encourages horses to start drinking after a workout.
  • Electrolytes are essential to the nervous system and muscle function.
  • Two-dose syringe.