Hong Kong Jockey Club – Performance Builder


Support muscle development and function in your performance horse with the Finish Line Performance Builder Horse Supplement. Carefully developed over a three-year period, this formula is not a steroid and is safe for horses who are weanlings and older. This product contains only ingredients that support healthy muscle development in the horse, such as spinach, pea protein and L-leucine, so you can feed it with confidence. It won’t change your horse’s temperament, but you can expect to see changes in your horse’s physical appearance in just two to four weeks. This liquid supplement makes for easy grain top dressing and its butterscotch flavor appeals to even the picky eater. Whether you want a sales prospect to look his best or are preparing your horse for the show ring, this supplement can support the conditioning work that you’re already doing.

Key Benefits

  • Supports muscle development and function in the performance horse.
  • Contains natural active ingredients like spinach and pea protein.
  • Not a steroid—safe for use in weanlings and older.
  • Formula was carefully developed over a 3-year period.
  • Will not change your horse’s temperament.