Indy Tack Shack – EZ Willow Gel Liniment

EZ Willow Gel Liniment Product Details

Finish Line Ez-Willow Liniment Horse Gel can help to relieve minor soreness, lameness, and swelling that occur after overexertion. A blend of essential oils and botanicals, this liniment contains arnica montana, MSM, white willow, yerba mate, and methyl salicylate for a cooling sensation. The gel base allows for precise application to smaller areas like the legs, but this versatile liniment can be used on most of your horse’s body. Apply to the muscles, including the back, and to the legs, tendons, joints, coronary bands, hooves, and soles. This liniment contains no artificial colors and it won’t blister or flake so you can use it daily as needed.

Key Benefits

  • Helps to relieve minor soreness, lameness or swelling due to overexertion.
  • Cooling gel for precise application.
  • Contains essential oils and botanicals, including arnica montana, MSM and white willow.
  • Versatile—apply it to muscles, legs, joints, tendons, ligaments, feet and soles.
  • Contains no artificial colors and will not flake or blister.